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We have a very complete range of interior design services in Malaga, aimed at all sectors.

Decoration Service

What is it and what is it focused on?

You have a home that needs a basic restyling, change of furniture without carrying out work. There are many cases in which we have a home and we want to rent it, sell it or it is just a second home which needs to improve its aesthetics because it is outdated or not attractive anymore. The Decoration Service is exactly that, updating the character of the house so that it fits more correctly to the use it is going to have, because a house for vacation rental is not the same as one for a long term; Nor is a second home the same as a home for sale. We can improve its appearance in order to specifically address the public that it is going to have, improving its sale, rental or use.

What does it include?

The basic decoration service includes everything you need to achieve that makeover:

  • Measurement of Housing
  • General plane
  • Design and Planning
  • Furniture Selection

Other services that you can add independently are:

  • Small revisions and Painting (We can cover all those little holes that are left over and paint everything again)
  • Withdrawal (We collect everything that does not work and we take care of recycling it)
  • Transportation (As long as it is not included by the store, we can collect and upload the furniture for you)
  • Assembly (If you need to assemble some furniture, hang some paintings or connect some ceiling lamps, we take care of it)
  • Cleaning (Complete cleaning so that everything would be spotless)

It is extremely easy. We take care of everything you need, and as if by magic your home will change completely.

 Interior Design Project

What is it and what is it focused on?

This is the most complete of our services because it’s much more complete and it’s usually focused on homes with distribution problems, which need some reform or improvements to get a good performance. Sometimes we find homes which because of the time they were built in, they have a poor distribution wich does not take advantage of their meters, the distribution of bedrooms, storage and rooms, is unbalanced, etc. So that’s where the Interior Design Project comes in, we do everything necessary to restore glory to your home, and therefore, make it as spectacular as it can be, thanks to good interior design services.

    What does it includes?

    The Interior Design Project includes everything necessary to carry out this image renovation:

    • Measurement of Housing
    • General plane
    • Ergonomics Study
    • Design and Planning of Spaces
    • Materials selection
    • Furniture Selection
    • Project management
    • Transport and Furniture Assembly

    Other services that you can add independently are:

    • Multimedia Wall (We make out of your living room a real cinema with a sound and video system where cables are integrated into the wall)
    • Home Automation Design(Make your home smart by automating and managing everything that happens within it)
    • Cleaning (Complete cleaning so that everything would be spotless)

    There is no better investment than the one you make to improve your comfort, as well as your quality of life.

    Why choose good Interior Design Services?

    Stop thinking about what to do, how to do it and especially how it would turn out. Avoid workarounds which will only waste money you will never get back. We take care of everything so that you can enjoy the final concept of the project, without risks or errors.

    If you have any questions about the different Interior Design Services we offer or you need a more specific package for your project, you just need to contact us and we will find the most viable solution.

    Save with a good Planning

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