Interior Design in Malaga

Interior design of homes, offices, shops and restaurants.

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Through U Decoration Studio, a Decoration and Interior Design studio in Malaga, you will be able to rehabilitate, reform, design and decorate your home or shops in a professional way and without any headaches. On an ongoing basis you will be advised on ideas and some improvements to the layout of the rooms. Afterwards, through 3D realism, you will have the possibility to see how everything would look like, as well as it allows us to refine details visually. Because we well know that an image is worth a thousand words and seeing your project in 3D before being executed, will avoid important mistakes that can be corrected in advance.

Interior Design in Malaga


How do we do it?

You do not have to worry about anything, we make it all possible, you just have to relax and leave to us all your ideas, so that we can give shape to your interior design projects.


We make a visit

First of all, we visit your home or business premises to have a first contact, we receive some information, and we assess all your needs and ideas.


We study the case

We get into it, we think and think to unite all those needs and ideas, in order to start creating something that meets all your dreams.


We Shape the Project

Once you give us the go-ahead for the interior design ideas, we start creating. This part is very important because here we will create the 3D Renders.


We plan every entry

When everything is detailed and finished, it is time to plan every step to follow, in order to have everything under control and not miss any detail.


We manage the project

If you wish, we will be there to check that everything turns out as it should, because nothing can be perfect without an exhaustive control of every step to follow.


We deliver your dream

Happy customers is our greatest pleasure, which is why we take care of every detail so that the delivery of the project is as incredible and spectacular as it was designed to be.


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The essence

is in the details

We know that behind all great interior design it is all about the small details. These make it sensational, that is why we are up to date with all the new and we train ourselves to be informed of all the trends in the sector.



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We create unique spaces

that identify you

For our team of interior designers, the most important job is to offer a quality service that meets all expectations. And because of that, we create unique spaces for each of our clients reflecting character and comfort.

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Interior Design in Benalmadena

Our incredible

Interior Design process

Throughout the project execution process for your home or business premises, our team of interior designers will modify the necessary aspects, of both, the project and the execution so that everything would be as it really has to be. This way we offer continuous and completely personalized attention that achieves full customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the combination of ArchVIZ, renovation and interior design services, we are able to achieve a functional and pleasant design that maximizes the spaces and objects used, in the best way, without neglecting the latest trends, as well as your ideas and needs.

We carry out interior architecture projects using all kinds of materials and completions, even those which are most up-to-date, always maintaining the use of first quality as a premise.

We offer our interior design services in the Province of Malaga, but we are open to large-scale projects throughout the national territory.

From U Decoration Studio, Interior Design Studio in Malaga, we guarantee compliance with the established deadlines in all interior design projects carried out in homes and commercial premises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Interior Design and Decoration?

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand the difference between Interior Design and Decoration. But it really can be simpler than it seems. To carry out an Interior Design project we need some previous knowledge and experience in architecture. This knowledge would serve to identify the possible modifications that can be made in the property or commercial premises. After that, we add our housing ergonomics techniques, to optimize not only aesthetics and distribution, but also storage volumes, usability, etc. Decoration, on the other hand, is the aesthetic modification that would add value and comfort using creativity, ingenuity and innovation.

What can be included in an Interior Design Project?

The scope of an interior design project can be as wide as it may result. It can go from the study project and adaptation of a terrace, to a complex project based on a study of ergonomics and needs, interior distribution, 3D renderings, control and management of the reform, kitchen design with cleaning and delivery of keys.

An interior design project really depends on your needs and certainly on how far you want to go. But it is true that, if you carry out a good planning within an interior design project, you would avoid doing small constant patches that would lead to a home which does not form a whole, which inevitably affects its value in the future.

What styles of Interior Designs are best for me?

This is a very complicated question to answer, but if you have any doubts about the interior design styles, it would not be a problem, because our team can carry out a study based on your taste and needs, as well as the brightness of your home to tell you what is and what is not the best for you, from a minimalist interior design, to the most industrial or vintage design. We can focus on your ideas to get the most out of them and include them in a practical environment.

Common mistakes in interior design

Sometimes we give too much importance to decoration and neglect comfort, or vice versa. For instance,for us it is extremely important, sofas to be highly comfortable in the interiors, since we have hundreds of elements which we can use as an aesthetic detail. On the other hand, the most typical mistake is to feel that the most outstanding artist in the room is the sofa, and as a general rule, people start by choosing this first. That is why, you should never forget to prioritize the comfort of the elements that really have to be confortable, over aesthetics.


has it

"Resultado espectacular. Supieron asesorarnos en todo momento y sacar partido a las ideas que teníamos en mente y el resultado fue mucho mejor de lo que teníamos pensado, gracias. "


“¡Qué decir! ¡Encantados! El trato afable va de serie, y sumas a ello una capacidad creativa ligada de una notable experiencia palpable. Eso que imaginaba, que tenía en la cabeza, ¡lo han superado! ”


“Muy profesionales y terminaciones de calidad. Creo que obtuve tranquilidad y confort, sin duda pero sobre todo despreocupación sobre el proyecto. Repetiría sin ninguna duda. ”


“Una solución increible a todos los problemas que veiamos. Ahora nuestro apartamento vacacional se alquila de manera continua y al doble de su anterior precio. Muchas Gracias. ”



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